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Current Members

Alana Schreibman

Co-President, Co-Music Director

Year: 2024

Voice Part: Soprano

Major: Environmental Science

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Fun Fact: She not only could win a lettuce eating competition, but she would also enjoy it!

Matthew Klausner

Co-Music Director

Year: 2026

Voice Part: Tenor

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Fun Fact: He is colorblind!

Noah Rubin


Year: 2025

Voice Part: Bass

Majors: Electrical Engineering, Economics

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Fun Fact: He's always been told to keep his day job after singing "Happy Birthday"

Madeline Squires

Social Media Manager

Year: 2026

Voice Part: Soprano

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Fun Fact: She's a twin!

Elle Baker


Year: 2026

Voice Part: Alto/Soprano

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Fun Fact: She went to a Shabbatones concert when she was four!

Ethan Soloway


Year: 2025

Voice Part: Bass

Majors: Math, Computer Science

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Fun Fact: He is a Philly native from Philadelphia!

4-10-22 Penn Shabbatones Concert (Sukhmani Kaur)232-65.jpg
Rebecca Krausz

Social Chair

Year: 2025

Voice Part: Alto

Major: Architecture

Hometown: White Plains, NY

Fun Fact: She won't wear airpods or bluetooth headphones!

Jake Zubkoff

CD Manager

Year: 2026

Voice Part: Tenor, Voice Percussion

Major: Political Science

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Fun Fact: Joe Biden pointed at him at the beginning of the year!

Beaue Bernstein

Tour Manager

Year: 2026

Voice Part: Alto/Mezzo

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Fun Fact: She has been to the ABBA museum in Stockholm two times!

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Fall 2023 Open Call Auditions

Sun 9/3 - Mon 9/4

Williams Hall 

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